Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Review: Minnesota Twins

Flashback to 1966 and you will find where Topps got it's inspiration for their 2015 Heritage set, a base set that has become a annual must-own for trading card collectors. The base set is based off the design of the 1966 Topps set and it includes 425 veterans, rookies, and managers.

Plus, there is a set of 75 short print cards that collectors can hunt down. In a unique addition, there are cards that feature bubble gum stains on their backs. These cards are available for all the base cards in the set.

The Twins base card checklist is full of the team's favorites including the Heritage debut of a few younger players on the roster and the return of Torii Hunter.

40. Phil Hughes
87. Torii Hunter
89. Eduardo Escobar
120. Brian Dozier
165. Kennys Vargas
173. Trevor Plouffe
190. Oswaldo Arcia
236. Ervin Santana (w/ the Braves)
240. Kurt Suzuki
246. Kyle Gibson
264. Trevor May/ A.J. Achter- RC
347. Danny Santana
378. Ricky Nolasco
400. Joe Mauer
416. Glen Perkins

Joe Mauer and Harmon Killebrew are all over the Heritage insert sets.

Mauer is featured in a unique 20-card set of "Throwback Uniform Variations." This shows playes in old-school uniforms. He's also featured in the always popular "Chrome Parallel" set. This set comes with refractor, black refractor (#/66), and gold refractor (#/5). Mauer's other numbered insert is the "Mini Parallel"set which is numbered out of 100.

Collecting pieces of game worn jersey and autographs have become very popular in recent years as a way to get fans closer to the game. Mauer doesn't have an autograph in this set but he is included in the annual "Clubhouse Collection Relics" set.

Two of the more unique insert sets to collect include cards with other collectible items inserted into the cardboard. "Postage Stamp Relics" that are numbers to 50 have Harmon Killebrew and an American stamp from 1966. There's also the "66 Mint" set which has a coin minted in that year along with the likeness of "The Killer." There are four variations including nickel (#/15), dime (#/10), quarter (#/5), and JFK Silver Dollar (1/1).
Other Killebrew inserts include a "1966 Bazooka" set. He's also featured multiple times in the "Then and Now" series, which pairs Killebrew, a 1966 league leader, with his counterparts from 2014. The last Twins card in the set is a "1966 Oversized Punchboard." These cards feature a 1966 player with a current player with a card from a popular game at the time.

Overall, the throwback design is one of the most popular sets for collectors. It's nice to see more players that figure to be part of the team this season compared to those that were featured in Topps Series 1. In a reoccurring theme, Mauer is the featured player in many of the insert sets. It's nice to see the continued presence of Killebrew in these sets so younger collectors have an opportunity to add him to their collections.


Berdj Joseph Rassam said...

Nothing better for a young baseball fan than collecting baseball cards.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Agreed. It's always fun to see how excited younger fans get at local card shows.