Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Donruss Review: Minnesota Twins

For fans that remember the opening packs of Donruss back in the hay day of card collecting, this set will be a trip down memory road. There's a very nostalgic feel to the design and inserts including Rated Rookies and Diamond Kings. These designs includes a wide variety of current and former players.

The Donruss base set includes 150 cards with the Twins having five cards in the set. One of the biggest returns for Twins fans is being able to find regularly inserted Kirby Puckett baseball cards for the first time since 2007. Puckett is featured in the base set and in other insert sets throughout the design.

Let's bust open a few packs and see what there is to offer for Twins fans...

Donruss Base Set
118. Joe Mauer
119. Brian Dozier
120. Danny Santana
121. Phil Hughes
187. Kirby Puckett

Donruss seems to hit on many of the players that Twins fans would like to collect. Mauer and Dozier continue to be fan favorites and Hughes is coming off a remarkable year. Santana's hobby presence continues to grow after his breakout rookie season. One noticeable absence is Glen Perkins especially since he's been the team's All-Star representative the last two seasons.

One of my favorite insert sets from the late 1980's and early 1990's was Diamond Kings. Donruss has two different Diamond King variations in this year's set. The regular version of Diamond Kings includes current start players and Mauer is the lone Twins player featured in the set. All-Time Diamond Kings are new and they highlight 30 legendary players including Puckett.

Puckett also returns in a few other insert sets. 18-up Digital Form cards are variations of the base set. Puckett's card has replaced his full name on the front with the nickname "Puck." Puckett's only other card comes in the Donruss Preferred Bronze set along with youngsters Kennys Vargas and Byron Buxton.

Kennys Vargas gets a whole lot of love from the Donruss company. He's featured in the famous Rated Rookies set but it doesn't end there. Vargas was added to the Elite Dominator Set, the Elite Series set, and the Studio set. Fans can also find his autograph as part of the Signature Series set.

Dozier and his newly signed contract can be found in a couple insert sets. Pieces of his game-worn jersey can be found in the Jersey Kings set. Current outfielder Aaron Hicks is also found in the set. Dozier also appears in the Elite Set with top prospect Buxton.

It seems no set would be complete without it's fair share of Mauer inserts. While Topps seems to focus a lot on Mauer, Donruss has limited some of the Mauer card focus. Besides the Diamond King card mentioned above, Mauer's mug is part of the Inaugural 1981 Edition set. He's also part of a rare (#/2) Recollection Autograph Buybacks set. This set allows Donruss to use cards with MLB logos since they currently don't have those rights.

Donruss offers some good competition against Topps at the top of the hobby pecking order. There are some good editions to this year's set and it's always great to have Puckett back in the hobby. It's still tough to adjust to having cards without the team's logos. Sometimes Donruss does a good job of getting around this and other times the cards just don't look right.

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