Friday, April 10, 2015

Episode 126: A Dumpster Fire

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The Twins have not been impressive. The offense has been anemic. The pitching has been atrocious. The defense has been porous. It's been bad, bad, bad. And yet, there have still been some bright spots... well one. J.R. Graham has looked good. 

This week's show contains a healthy amount of doom and gloom, but it's not all bad news bears. Yes, Ervin Santana has been suspended. Yes, the Twins have been outscored 24-1. But it's only three games in. The Twins can still win 159 games and go on to post-season glory. 

In addition to lamenting the cold start of the Twins, we also take a look at the minor league rosters for each of the Twins full season affiliates and talk about beer, baseball, and news from AROUND the league. 

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