Monday, April 6, 2015

Origins of Twins Opening Day Roster

Baseball team's are formed through the draft, trades and free agency. With how bad the Twins have been in recent years, the club is trying to dig out a pretty decent sized hole. This has meant spending historical amounts of money (at least for this team) on free agents and specifically starting pitchers.

One of the most interesting exercises to look at when it comes to any team is where their current players were drafted. Is most of the team first round picks? Are players home-grown in the Twins organization? Who was the lowest drafted player on the team?

Here's a breakdown of each player to crack the team's Opening Day roster:

2015 Minnesota Twins (Round Drafted In, Team Drafted By, Year Drafted In)

Blaine Boyer: 3rd Round- Atlanta Braves - 2000
Brian Duensing: 3rd Round- Minnesota Twins - 2005
Casey Fien: 20th Round- Detroit Tigers - 2006
Kyle Gibson: 1st Round- Minnesota Twins - 2009
JR Graham: 4th Round- Atlanta Braves - 2011
Phil Hughes: 1st Round- New York Yankees - 2004
Tommy Milone: 10th Round- Washington Nationals - 2008
Ricky Nolasco: 4th Round- Chicago Cubs - 2001
Mike Pelfrey: 1st Round- New York Mets - 2005
Glen Perkins: 1st Round- Minnesota Twins - 2004
Tim Stauffer: 1st Round- San Diego Padres - 2003
Aaron Thompson: 1st Round- Florida Marlins - 2005

Kurt Suzuki: 2nd Round- Oakland Athletics - 2004

Brian Dozier: 8th Round- Minnesota Twins - 2009
Eduardo Escobar: Amateur Free Agent- Chicago White Sox - 2006
Joe Mauer: 1st Round- Minnesota Twins - 2001
Trevor Plouffe: 1st Round- Minnesota Twins - 2004
Danny Santana: Amateur Free Agent- Minnesota Twins - 2007
Kennys Vargas: Amateur Free Agent- Minnesota Twins - 2009

Oswaldo Arcia: Amateur Free Agent- Minnesota Twins - 2007
Chris Herrmann: 6th Round- Minnesota Twins - 2009
Torii Hunter: 1st Round- Minnesota Twins - 1993
Eduardo Nunez: Amateur Free Agent- New York Yankees - 2004
Shane Robinson: 5th Round- St. Louis Cardinals - 2006
Jordan Schafer: 3rd Round- Atlanta Braves - 2005

So here's a break-down of the list of players above:
Highest Picks: Mauer (1st Overall), Stauffer (4th Overall), Pelfrey (9th Overall) 
Lowest Picks: Fien (592nd Overall), Milone (301st Overall), Dozier (252nd Overall)
Most Players from One Draft: 2004 (Hughes, Perkins, Plouffe, Suzuki), 2005 (Duensing, Pelfrey, Thompson, Schafer)
Home-Grown Players: 12 (Including Hunter)
Drafting/Signing Team (Other than the Twins): Atlanta Braves (Boyer, Graham, Schafer)
Number of 1st Round Picks: 9
Oldest Draftee/Signee: Torii Hunter (1993)
Newest Draftee/Signee: Kennys Vargas/ Kyle Gibson (2009)

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