Friday, May 8, 2015

Episode 130: Eddie Rosario is King of the Prospects

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Just Cody and ERolf on the pod this week as Paul and Jay are both out sick.  This week we're talking Eddie Rosario and his MLB debut, the Twins actually winning a bunch of baseball games, what to make of Kyle Gibson's success despite his lake of strike outs and all those walks (Kevin Correia 2.0?!), and what's a "more worstest waste" of a 40-man roster spot, Doug Bernier or Eduardo Nunez.  

Down on the Pond we talk about 2014 1st rounder Nick Gordon, make bets on how many home runs he'll hit in 2015, and talk about the player he's going to grow into (he's still only 19!).  

As always, beer, baseball and the news to wrap things up.

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BJ Rassam said...

The Twins usually do a good job of developing talent in the minors.