Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twins Twitter Origins

Brad Rempel- USA Today Sports
On Monday, the social media platform Twitter celebrated it's tenth birthday (Here's a link to the first tweet ever sent). In the last decade, Twitter has become one of the premier places for "Tweeters" to get instantaneous news and for the world to follow events in real-time.

For baseball fans and all sports fans, Twitter has become an avenue for everyone to interact as events are playing out on the field. If a player messes up, you can call out the player as the event unfolds. If Miguel Sano sends one into the upper deck, you can let your followers know that you want to "Let It Sano in July!"

Let's take a look down memory lane and find the initial tweets sent out by many of the accounts associated with the Twins organization.

Account: Dave St. Peter (@TwinsPrez)
Date of First Tweet: 3 Feb 2011
Dave St. Peter has been very active with fans over the years and he's usually willing to answer questions and to help fans enjoy their experience with the Minnesota Twins.

Account: Trevor Plouffe (@TPlouffe24)
Date of First Tweet: 8 Dec 2011
Plouffe's Twitter game has improved over the years much like his game on the field.

Account: Glen Perkins (@GlenPerkins)
Date of First Tweet: 23 Jun 2011
This might be my favorite first Tweet from any Twins player.

Account: Brian Dozier (@Brian Dozier)
Date of First Tweet: 22 Apr 2010
One of the longest tenured Twins players on Twitter and you can follow his on and off the field work.

Account: Joe Mauer (Doesn't Have Twitter)
Date of First Tweet: 16 Jul 2013
It might be good that he doesn't have a Twitter account at this point since there would be a lot of negativity thrown his way.

Account: Phil Hughes (@PJHughes45)
Date of First Tweet: 8 Mar 2011
"New to this shizzz" might be the best way to start your Twitter career.

Account: Kyle Gibson (@kgib44)
Date of First Tweet: 15 Jan 2011
Very fitting that Gibson's first tweet was about something he was doing in the community.

Account: Miguel Sano (@SanoMiguel)
Date of First Tweet: 23 Apr 2013
My response to this would be "Feliz Navidad" because I don't know Spanish.

Account: TC Bear
Date of First Tweet: 18 Nov 2009
The bear has been very operational over the years.

There are tons of other first Tweets for current and former Twins but this is just a sampling. What's your favorite first Tweet? What was your first Tweet? (Use the link to find out). Leave a COMMENT to start the discussion.

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